We are very pleased with the tax assistance that we get from Ryder & Company. They are very accommodating and willing to work with us on submitting our records to them and then the actual tax submission. It is particularly helpful to see on the pre-tax form they supply where they show what was on the previous years form. This allows us to easily see if we missed something this year that was listed on last years form and if the amount is about the same or an explainable deviation. It is nice to not have to re-submit the recurring data i.e. address, bank account numbers etc. Not only do we not have to list them, the full numbers are noted as “on file” and not listed for security purposes. I was doing our taxes myself until several confusing events occurred and it took a big load off our minds to know that they were being handled correctly with no IRS problems bothering us. The whole staff is very nice to work with. Jim

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