I’ve been with Ryder for possibly over a dozen years, and have always been extremely happy and satisfied with everything. I truly wish I could give many MORE THAN 5 STARS! My experiences working with Ron and his staff have been 100% excellent for proficiency and work quality. Even when I have unexpected notices from a tax agency, they are always quick to reply, quick to follow through, quick to prepare the necessary information and letter so that all I need to do is sign and mail, and the issue is solved. What an incredible weight off of me! I can truly wish I could give more than 5 stars regarding personal interactions as well; I always receive a warm friendly welcome. Not only have I always felt like Ron and his staff are part of my ‘team’, the friendly warm atmosphere makes my visits feel as if I’m ‘catching-up’ with my ‘old friends’. – I’ve NEVER had this atmosphere with any other accountant service we have used in the past for personal nor business.

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